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She did it! The German girl did the polar-bear plunging together with us, when I held this plunging marathon)) I feel very excited about that)

Она это сделала! Немецкая девушка окунулась вместе с нами в рамках крещенского марафона. В свою немецкую речку, трижды) Еще и бойфренда окунула)

My experience of the the „polar bear plunge“ Смайлик «smile»
When I read Maria Guseva`s post about this Russian tradition, I was intruiged! And the pictures of her, sitting on the frozen lake in the sunshine and then coming out of the water, were just amazing… I had never heard about such a tradition but reading the offer of doing the preparation for the plunge and the Zvedzda exercises together in the community with you girls called me Смайлик «smile»
Somehow I didn`t really understand how I could make it work for me as a German girl who doesn`t speak Russian to be part of the chats and preparations even though Maria gave me some instructions on how to find you all online. Well, I couldn`t get in touch with you and so When the 19th of January came and went, I was a bit sad since I thought I had missed on this fascinating experience…
Until Maria put me in contact with Tatiana in Paris who was doing the plunge last Sunday. I was thrilled! Another chance to still be part of this experience! And Tatiana was just wonderful… She gave me more background information about the special healing qualities of the water according to your tradition. About the nuts and bolts, how I should have somebody with me to support me during the plunge. It was so interesting to find out what kind of longstanding tradition this plunge has in your culture!
So I did feel prepared to do it – and my boyfriend was so kind to say that he would not only support me but plunge himself!
We chose to do the plunge on Monday, the 25th. The whole day was very interesting! It was cold and I passed the place on the river that I chose for the plunge when I rode my bike to get to my horse. And I felt present, calm, just thinking about diving into the icy water. When Thomas and I finally went out to do the plunge in the late afternoon, it was even colder. Luckily no people around so we could concentrate on ourselves. We would do the plunge together, but everybody at their own pace. We got undressed, feeling calm, centered, a bit anxious. And then I went in. Cold. I could just feel the could – and after “just go in!” I stopped thinking. I dived under, coming up, gasping for air. All I could feel was: it´s so hard to breath!
And I dived again.
Coming up, I couldn`t shut my mouth, I felt the pressure on my lungs and it was the sign for me that I had enough.
I went out and I felt cold. Energized. Buzzing. Present. Calm.
All at the same time.
And it was such a wonderful feeling of connection with Thomas – what an amazing thing to have done together!
When we got home, we shared or experience over a cup of tea. We both could feel the serenity and calmness. And even now, when I look back on the experience, I can feel the prescence. Wow.
Thank you for being part of this community and that I can share this experience with you. Thank you Maria, for starting this event and for bringing it to my awareness Смайлик «smile» And thank you for all you incredibly helpful support, dear Tatiana Смайлик «heart» I wouldn`t have done it without you!
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